Couple wanted for private home in Miami Beach- full time

Couple wanted for private home in Miami Beach

About me?

I am a yacht owner who is used to yacht crew and am looking for a similar personnel for my house in Miami Beach. Eg ex yacht couple wanting to work full time year round in Miami Beach

About the position:

  • I am looking for a couple (ex yachties preferably) to look after the outside areas of our home which includes the pool area and uncovering and covering the beds.
  • You would look after and drive the boats (we live on the water and have 2 boats up to 55ft in length)
  • I have 3 children age 10, 7 and 5 so one of the couple would help with the kids and cook if needs be.
  • The couple need to be capable/responsible enough so I could leave the children with you if I needed to travel.
  • One of you must have a full driving license in case you need you to take/pick up kids to school or to an activity or to get food.
  • During the summer from June until mid/end of August we would be in Europe so you would have time off then.
  • You would also assist with laying the table and helping with lunches and clearing away etc offering drinks when we have guests
  • It is a live in position with a separate entrance bedroom outside of the house with dressing area and bathroom with bath and shower
  • We would need you to have separate days off and not on the weekend as that is when the children are home.
  • It is hard to say what the hours are because on nights that we leave the house I would like one of them to be there to babysit while the children sleep.
  • One person would be up at around 7 to get the cars ready for school and the outside areas and the other person could start later in the day during the week when the children are home and on the weekend during the day.
  • We would work out your shifts accordingly as to what works best.
  • I have a separate cleaner for the house to do beds, laundry etc